I'm Dez. im pretty lame. erm message me?
-kik= bestouthere1
-instagram= dsharp412
-twitter= thelostloser_

Is it called pants instead of sleeves if you get your legs covered in tattoos?

Anonymous asked: You are my favorite, when I see you on snapchat or tumblr it makes me so happy I love you ❤️


Haha awww thank you that made me smile :) love you too


He likes to catch my O’s in the morning

(via strange-kitten)

Anonymous asked: 1) you're cute as fuck, 2) snap chatting with you makes my day better, 3) you're cute as fuck


Haha thank you I try

Anonymous asked: Wish you matched


I matched the trees on my shirt and I felt cute so that’s all that matters :)

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